What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your House

What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your House

Sell Your House – Are you putting your house on the market? If so, you have a lot to do. You not only have to get your house ready to sell, you have to get yourself ready, too.

First off, it is important to be unemotional about selling your house. That isn’t always easy because your house holds a lot of special family memories. Buyers, however, will be much more utilitarian. Harsh as it sounds, they won’t care about your memories. Remember that selling a house is a business agreement and you must not allow yourself to become emotional.

A clean house is your best selling point. Car dealers long ago learned they can price their used cars higher when they are thoroughly washed, waxed and detailed. The same rule applies to your home. Give your house a thorough cleaning — make sure you include every room. You might think no one will go in the basement, but they will!

The outside of your house also needs sprucing up — this is called curb appeal. Your bushes and shrubs should be trimmed and your lawn neatly mowed and edged. Get the weeds out of your flower beds and perhaps plant some annuals to add color.

If you have any cracked or peeling paint, get it fixed. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to give your house a fresh coat of paint if it needs it. While you have the brushes and buckets out, paint the interior rooms of your home a bright, neutral color.

Because potential buyers will come up the walkway to your front door, make sure it is neat, clean and welcoming. There should be no cracked windows or damaged weather stripping. The windows should be washed. If your roof has any mildew or stains, have it power washed. All the floors inside your home should be clean. Hard floors should be scrubbed and waxed and carpets shampooed and vacuumed. The house should smell fresh and clean.

Let’s talk for a moment about to price your house. Obviously you want to get as much as you can — but if the price is not competitive, your house may not sell. As a matter of fact, overpricing your home makes the other homes on the market look like bargains. Be realistic and determine what your house is worth on the market, not in your head.

Have your real estate agent pull up a list of comparable homes in your area that have sold recently. Look at houses that are the same size, have similar sized lots, have the same number of bedrooms, baths, etc. A buyer will have your house appraised, so it is good to know ahead of time what the actual street value is. It is easy to get emotional when pricing your home, but remember that people are not interested in paying more for a house than it is worth.

When potential buyers recognize you have taken good care of your home over the years it will go a long way toward closing the sale!

Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly - Andy Sarwal

When you are looking to sell your house you do not want it to sit on the market for ages.

Selling Home - Andy Sarwal

Getting a quick sale is what every seller is looking for. Of course, this is often easier said than done. However, there are some easy tips that can help you sell your house quickly.

The first step is to make your home memorable so when buyers think back to all of the houses they have seen yours is the one they remember. You should add small improvements to your home that make it more appealing. Of course, when you do this you should not over-improve because you may not be able to get the costs back when you sell.

You should also clear all the clutter from the house when you have a showing. Some seller remove items of furniture to make the rooms look bigger, but you should not remove too much. It is recommended that you take down personal items and family portraits so the buyer can see themselves in the house.

Many people hire a staging consultant to help them determine the best way to display the house. The cost of hiring a stager will vary depending on the experience of the person and what they have to do. Some stagers charge thousands to fix up your home so it is more attractive to buyers.

While most sellers want to get the amount they have in mind you should consider sweetening the deal. If you are willing to offer an amount off of closing costs buyers will be more likely to consider your home. You should also consider leaving certain large appliances in the house to make the purchase more appealing.

It is very important that you make sure your house looks good from the outside. First time buyers take a house at face value and try to see how it fits into the rest of the neighbourhood. You need to make sure that the paint is fresh and that the garden looks presentable.

A house that buyers can move into as soon as the deal is closed appeals to more people. Ensure that all your fixtures and fittings comply with local codes and that the buyer can move in. By doing this you appeal to buyer looking to move quickly and to buyers that can take time to fix up a house.

The most important point in selling your house quickly is to price it right. You should consider what the other houses in your area are selling for and whether the price you want is reasonable. Of course, you do not have to be the lowest priced house, but you have to be worth the amount you are looking for.

No-one wants their home to sit on the market for prolonged periods of time. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your house sells quickly. You need to make your home memorable for all the right reasons. You should also be willing to sweeten the deal to attract potential buyers.